Artificial intelligence, perceive the world, serve the society
Why become an ecosystem partner?
Applying AI visual and behavior analysis technology to smart communities.
  • Open platform

    Standardized solution design, suitable for different application scenarios
    Rich communication protocols, empowering AI landing

  • Share resources

    Open source cooperation, shared development resources
    Online technical support, reducing development cost

  • Joint business opportunities

    Building an ecosystem of partners, sharing business opportunities
    Co-creating industry scenario technical solutions

Developer ecological partner types
Focusing on AI core technology and product research and development
  • 01
    Industry software partners
    Based on the full scenario intelligent platform, realizing industry solutions, providing customers with high-quality industry software products.
  • 02
    IoT ecological partners
    Based on the IoT open platform, AI and IoT are integrated, joining the high-quality intelligent product library to build a smart ecology together.
  • 03
    Integration project partners
    Provide system integration and landing services, jointly serving customers with complex system integration project requirements.
  • 04
    Customized demand partners
    Facing customers with AI algorithm, software and hardware customization requirements, realizing personalized solutions for customers.
Types of Developer Ecosystem Partners
  • 1

    Fill in partner information

  • 2

    Submit cooperation application

  • 3

    Partner qualification review

  • 4

    Becoming a Developer Ecosystem Partner

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