Artificial Intelligence, Perceiving the World, Serving for Society
Expert System + Deep Learning

The original and self-developed expert System combined with Deep Learning technology integrates the advantages of human brains with machine learning and leads the application of AI technology in retail, security, community and other fields due to its ultra-high accuracy rate in original algorithms.

2D Image to 3D Scene Modeling

2D images are a flat concept without distance and depth information, while in 3D scenes, it can recognize the distance between people and cameras, the distance between car-man-woman, and obtain the spatial distance from pixel distance.

Multi-Objective Tracking in Complex Scenes

Identifying the position and number of pedestrians and vehicles in a video stream, recognizing the speed and distance between the targets and the camera, and being able to track and analyze the movement Track of the same person across multiple cameras.

Expert System Limb Model

Establishing comprehensive and precise limb motion energy models, human body model detection: face, head, shoulders; limb model detection: arms, legs, feet, hands.

Anti-Interference Learning in Complex Scenes

AI technology in laboratory environments has no practical value. To deal with various adverse environments, a learning library is established to train the algorithm for anti-interference.

Effective countermeasures for adverse environments such as rain, snow, water accumulation, steam, lighting, cats, dogs, mosquitoes, swaying tree leaves, low-light conditions at night, slow-moving objects, ultra-small targets, water surface reflection, shadows, crowded crowds, etc.