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R&D System

TruthVision is one of the technology enterprises in China that is one of the earliest to use the combination of expert systems and deep learning to carry out AI application research and development, with its own original core technologies, such as dynamic face technology, video intelligent analysis and pattern recognition .

In 2016, TruthVision launched a new generation of self-developed intelligent video analysis engine,TAIP, which automated the calculation of deep learning and data resource management, as well as the algorithmic training process. Based on its own intelligent video analysis engine and basic data architecture, TruthVision currently holds seven target analysis technology patents, five scene analysis technology patents, four camera calibration technology patents, and three feature analysis technology patents. Its original AI technology is applied to intelligent behavior analysis systems, intelligent passenger flow systems, vehicle assisted driving systems, and dynamic face systems, eventually serving platform-based products and improving product experience and quality.

Approved by the Ministry of Commerce, TruthVision Technology established a research and development center in the United States in March 2016. The US R&D center is positioned to use the abundant resources and excellent talents in the US AI field to create world-class AI products with independent intellectual property rights in China.

TruthVision has been focused on AI core technology research and development for 20 years, dedicated to exploring the development and application of AI in different industries and fields, and providing the most rich AI algorithms for the industry. Combined with the technology platform built by Intel for TruthVision, which includes software and hardware products such as CPU and OPENVINO tools, it helps TruthVision provide high-performance, highly scalable, stable, and cost-effective AI analysis products to users. This enables more users to experience the efficient working mode and new life experience brought by AI technology.