Fall detection smart sensor
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  • Monocular structured light 3D imaging technology
  • Automatic alarm prompt for personnel fall

T3D1000 fall detection intelligent sensor is based on the application of 3D imaging technology and intelligent AI analysis technology. It automatically analyzes and recognizes image information without manual intervention. It monitors the fall of people in the area. And minimize false positives and false negatives, reducing the cost of human supervision.

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The product adopts monocular structured light 3D imaging technology: it mainly includes an infrared acquisition unit, an infrared projection unit and a depth calculation processor. The infrared projection unit is used to project the structured light pattern to the target scene, the infrared acquisition unit collects the infrared structured light image of the target, and the depth calculation processor receives the infrared structured light image and executes the depth calculation algorithm and outputs the depth image of the target scene. When the intelligent AI depth calculation processor executes the depth calculation algorithm, the pre-calibrated reference structured light image and the currently collected infrared structured light image are matched and calculated to obtain the deviation value of each pixel between the images, and then based on the structured light triangulation method Principle The depth value is calculated from the deviation value.

跌倒检测智能感应器 T3D1000-2.png

T3D1000 uses humanized care and intelligent operation and management to reduce costs for elderly care institutions, improve operational risk control, ensure smooth operation of institutions, and improve management efficiency. Provide advanced technical means for nursing home management, build an intelligent monitoring and prevention system, effectively make up for the shortcomings of traditional methods and technologies in supervision, change passive "supervision" to active "monitoring", and effectively improve the management level of nursing homes.

Ø  Adopt international first-class intelligent video analysis algorithm;

Ø  Adopt monocular structured light 3D imaging technology;

Ø  Protect user privacy and do not collect any user private videos or images;

Ø  Support standing, squatting/sitting, lying position recognition;

Ø  Easy to install, users can install it by themselves;

Ø  “Zero false negatives and low false positives”, the algorithm has a high accuracy rate, ranking first at home and abroad

Ø  Support the platform to access management equipment with SDK or ONVIF standard protocol; support seamless connection with third-party platforms;

Ø  Product requirements are designed in accordance with industrial standards to achieve high reliability, high stability, and long-term continuous operation requirements;

Product model


Product name

Fall Detection Intelligent Sensor

Distance range


Pose recognition types

standing, squatting/sitting, lying down



Depth data accuracy



1m: ±3mm


H 58.4° V 45.5°D70° ±3°





Audio in


Audio out


Power supply


Power consumption


Laser Safety

LASER CLASS 1 (IEC 60825-1)

Operating temperature