Access control single door two-way TVWG2001
Access control double door two-way TVWG2002
Access control four-door one-way TVWG2004
Access Controller
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  • Fast calculation speed, no delay when swiping the card to open the door
  • Automatic and intelligent restart at the moment of crash
  • 20 years of operation, high accuracy, no calibration required

The access controller is the core of the entire electronic access control system. Using the combination of modern computer technology and various identification technologies, it embodies an intelligent management method, manages the entrance and exit, allows those who have the right to enter and exit freely, and interferes with those who do not have the right to enter and exit.

According to the number of doors controlled by each controller, single-door controller, double-door controller, and four-door controller can be selected.

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The access control controller is the core of the electronic access control system. It embodies an intelligent management means by combining modern computer technology and various recognition technologies to manage the entrances and exits, allowing people with permission to pass freely and interfering with those without permission.

Single-door, double-door, and four-door controllers can be selected depending on the number of doors controlled by each controller.

Ø Adopts high-end CPU with fast computation speed and no delay in card swiping for opening doors;

Ø Uses advanced Flash storage technology, with no information loss;

Ø Designed with anti-crash software dog circuit and self-checking circuit, with instant and intelligent restart in case of crash;

Ø Built-in lithium battery clock module with 20 years of operation and high accuracy, no calibration required;

Ø Designed with high load relay output circuit, can connect to larger current loads beyond electric locks;

Ø Designed with anti-fault wiring circuit, with no damage to the device in case of incorrect wiring, and can be reconnected easily.

Product model




Product name

Single-door two-way controller

double-door two-way controller

four-door one-way controller





Number of card readers

1 pair

2 pairs

4 pairs

Controllable door output

1 set

2 sets

4 sets



Power supply

12VDC 4-7A

PCBA power consumption

< 200mA

Input format

Wiegand 26-66bit

Open door delay


Maximum number of connections

No limit

Number of user registration cards


Record number of offline storage


Maximum distance between the card reader and the controller

100m, recommended within 80m.

Operating temperature


Operating humidity

0 to 90% relative humidity, no condensation